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Wiebke Merck
Integral Coach™

'I had the pleasure of working with Caroline throughout her Integral Coaching™ training. As a coach, Caroline has shown considerable ability and competence. Her strengths include rigour in her design of coaching programs, a strong commitment to the client and formidable intuitive acumen, all of which have helped her clients succeed in their individual quests. I do not hesitate to support her in her endeavour as a life coach!'

Eleanor Beaton

Women's leadership expert

'As a consultant and executive coach, I have had the opportunity to work closely with some of the most powerful women in business, politics and leadership. And while each of these women is unique, they typically share a deep commitment to excellence, and a laser-focus on serving their clients: that's what creates their long term success. Caroline Courey is no different. When she commits to a new client, she commits 100%, holds the space for her clients to move beyond the traumatic events or challenging circumstances that have held them back, and ultimately redefine a bright future.'

Vincent Maranda

'Caroline: you truly have a gift as a life coach. I was at a crossroads and learned a lot about life and myself with your input and wonderful insights. You certainly have a gift of seeing things right away and knowing where effort should be made to achieve personal growth.
I am grateful you worked with me during this transition. I trust my intuition more and live more in the present moment.
Thanks for having been there.'

Jennifer Smith

Real Estate broker

'The best way I can describe the work Caroline does is she fixes people from the inside out. I did not know how to feel, I did not understand it, and with her coaching methods she was able to reach deep inside of me and help me to understand my feelings. I am truly grateful to Caroline and highly recommend her.'

Cee Pearson


'Caroline: I have been facing many extremely difficult challenges with abusive people throughout my life and I must tell you that I would not have been able to do what I am doing now if I would not have been with you. You helped me like no one did. You helped me understand why I made the choices I made and how I got so stuck. Now I realize that I truly can live a better life and that I have the power to make it happen.'

Diane Du Cap

Consultant Director

'I met with Caroline at a time when I was finding it too painful to live with myself. A lifelong problem was growing more deeply problematic. Years of therapy had been unable to move me forward. I couldn't even see what needed changing in my life! Caroline's tools led me immediately toward change. She is non-judgmental, funny and mindful. Custom homework between each meeting addressed new events as they came into my life. I will continue in the future with Caroline. I am so grateful I came to know her. Between Life Coaching and her husband's Quiet Mind meditation workshop, it's the perfect gift to give to yourself.

Sari Medicoff

In transition

Losing my confidence, being stuck and, not trusting myself to make proper decisions was a very difficult place. I am so thankful to have met Caroline who, through her passion and commitment to teach others to find, speak
and live their truths has helped me to begin learning to trust myself and
others. Caroline has been the best cheering section I've ever had!Thanks to Caroline I can say "I like being me"!

Traci Williams

Semantech communications

I went to see Caroline after feeling I was being pulled in three possible directions in my life. I felt overwhelmed, but did not want to give up anything that I loved doing. Caroline proved to have a gift for listening, pooling all the information, seeing the big picture and assisting me in identifying the source of problems. She helped me see the situation from a different perspective, which incited me to make some real changes and gain some balance. In the end, I was able to get rid of a few things in life that I truly was not enjoying and just focus on what I love. I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone ready to make changes, but needing some guidance and objectivity to do so.

Stefanie G

I sought Caroline’s help in a time of distress. Not only has she helped me navigate through that time, but she has also always seen through me, read between the lines and encouraged me to look twice and dig a little deeper. With her support and her ingenious exercises, I have gained a deeper understanding of everyday mechanisms and patterns controlling my life and actions. Through this understanding, I was able to free myself from things holding me back. I can say without a doubt that I am now more confident, straightforward and true to myself than I have been in a long time. I look forward to continuing down this path. Thank you so much, Caroline!



Anne-Marie Verret
in transition

I had left my house and husband, and gone to a shelter. I came to Caroline when I needed help rebuilding my life. I felt she could ground me, and as I learned her life experience, I grew to trust her.
Caroline was always available for me by email or facetime in between our meetings. With her constant support I learned great deal about myself.
Now I have regained my self-esteem and enjoy my life. I'm grateful for all she's done.

Alexandra S


I believe that there are angels here on Earth to help you through difficult times in your life, and Caroline is one of them! I was going through a very hard time about a year ago; depressed and confused, I couldn't see what was really going on in my life. Working with Caroline brought me a tremendous sense of awareness and strength. She helped me see things for what they were, and gave me tools to do so. I strongly recommend Caroline as a life coach. No matter what obstacles you may encounter big or small, she will help guide you and teach you a NEW WAY to look at yourself, your life and whatever you're going through. There is hope, you just have to show up and do the work. :)


Kelle Link

Digital strategist

"Caroline is a very seasoned coach whose expertise and wisdom I trust, and that's rare - I shopped around until I found the right fit in terms of personality, qualifications and experience... and I'm pretty fussy.  I have never made so much progress with any other counsellor or coach.  On both long-term family related issues and  corporate career progression, her guidance and activities she put together in a tailored program for me was highly effective. The effects of her program will stay with me for years to come. I'm delighted with the work we did together."


I first met Caroline at an online mindfulness meditation group ‘Mindfulness Live’, led by her husband Stephen Schettini. 


After actively participating in personal growth work for 38 years,  I was at an ‘all-time low’, struggling with low self-worth and fractured family relationships, feeling ‘defeated’ and ready to give up! 


One day Caroline suggested we have an ‘exploratory chat’ – I accepted.  The ‘first words’ out of my mouth was ‘I am ALL DONE with any more ‘personal work’. 


Caroline began to share and was most open and authentic about her own life experiences. By the end of our chat, I instinctively knew that I had struck gold.  Her awareness around ‘neuroplasticity,’ dysfunctional behaviour and emotional abuse sealed my decision to ‘pick up my courage’ and give it one last attempt.  Today, I am most grateful I did!


Little did I know that I would soon partake in the ‘ride of my life’ – the ride of ‘personal growth’, with all of its pain-filled and healing qualities mixed together with Caroline’s invaluable, sincere care and support.


Using her empathic, deep listening abilities, Caroline skillfully and with great care, helped me to uncover and identify ‘my story, mal-adaptive beliefs, self-limiting comfort zones.’  (After some time in this process… my strengths were also revealed.)


Caroline would handle my hesitancy with great understanding and expertise, always being most supportive in the process.  As a result, I was able to work through some of the more difficult feeling / acceptance work and learned how to practice the ‘art’ of ‘letting go’ at a much deeper level.


Working with Caroline was both a huge gift and an incredible privilege, offering countless healing insights, gently leading me forward to re-claim a greater sense of peace and comfort within my own skin while confronting my ‘negative voices’.


Caroline is a rare and genuine gem who is a true role model in my life.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who is sincerely seeking change and personal growth.

Patricia Campbell


Litsa  Papaevangelou

Before starting with Caroline, I had minimal confidence in myself. I had fears, I had a voice but I would not speak up, I did not believe in myself.


Caroline helped me to uncover and explore my fears - she helped me to locate my voice. She taught me that I had every right to be heard, and to express myself.


It was due to Caroline’s empathy, compassion, support and guidance that I found the strength and the courage to speak up.


Caroline’s wisdom, her own personal life experiences, the homework exercises that she provided, her teachings, and the processes that we went through together as a team, opened the door to my fears……I developed confidence, and I learned tools to help me communicate effectively, and with confidence.


I am grateful to Caroline for helping me down this eye opening path….this incredible journey. I discovered a voice that was lost and hidden - MY voice!


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