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Mindfulness and Coaching

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Mindfulness & Coaching

At my coaching school I was excited to see my teachers present mindfulness as a key element to the process. The word wasn't widely known back then, but by pure chance I already had years of mindfulness training under my belt.

It began when I met former Buddhist monk Stephen Schettini, and became co-director of Quiet Mind Seminars. There, I helped design mindfulness workshops and connected to hundreds of students.

My mindfulness mentor is now my husband and colleague- visit
Mindfulness is how we live, work and love.  It enables us to be thoughtful communicators, respectful of each other's need to express freely and to be heard. 

Try this simple 60 second mindfulness exercise 

Your  goal is to practice stopping a few times each day to just sit and be with your breath. You are not adding to your to-do list, you are training your mind to slow down and focus better so you can deal with things that matter with more clarity. 

 Choose a comfortable spot where you will sit for one minute.  

-  Take off your shoes and sit cross legged on the floor/carpet. A chair will do too.

-  Try to keep your back straight, (a cushion at the base of your spine helps).

-  Set a timer at 60 seconds.

-  Close your eyes and focus on your breath. 

-  Don’t try to control your breath, simply allow it to come and go naturally.

-  Notice how the breath changes, sometimes deep and slow, sometimes quick and shallow; notice the still-point where the breath changes direction from inhale to exhale.  

-  When you catch yourself drift away in a string of thoughts, we all do, be patient, accept the drifting away as something that just happened. 

-  Notice if you judge whether you are good at it or not, let it go then return to paying attention to your breath. 

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