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My Story

People often tell me things like ‘oh you’re so brave, you’re such an inspiration!’ They’re talking about the way I seem so positive living with MS. I can’t lie, losing my ability to walk and swim and do what most people take for granted hasn’t been easy. I hate it! Ummmm negativity, from a life coach?

Sure I get down sometimes, but I realize that I always have a choice to give my power to the disease and let it control me or to accept my changing body and work with it. Some days are easier than others.

It was and still is hard work. But it’s good work! Each day is an opportunity to see what's happening with self compassion or fear and hopelessness.

Although my mobility is poor, my spirit soars. Next to my family life coaching is my greatest joy. Helping people move forward in the face of insurmountable challenges is what I know! They appreciate the struggles I’ve endured, it strengthens the bond we create.

Life is uncertain, we can’t control everything. But one thing I am certain of is the knowledge and insight gained since my 1993 diagnosis is intrinsically linked to my work as a life coach. My clients like knowing that what I offer them isn’t only from a textbook.

In 1995 ( 2 years after my MS diagnosis) I created my 'Personal Power' support group for fellow MS sufferers and their families. The start of a new path.

In 2000, I published Crossed Signals, a novel for families living with long-term illness. It was so popular in high schools that grade 11 students ( as part of their curriculum)  helped create the Crossed Signals Study Guide to encourage in-school and at-home dialogue on difficult, important issues.


In 2003 I co-founded Quiet Mind mindfulness workshops with my husband Stephen Schettini, helping hundreds of men and women discover their own path to a quiet and focused mind.

In 2007 I became certified to lead the MY TOOLBOX Chronic Disease Self-management Program (CDSMP) for the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC). An empowering workshop designed to help people manage their chronic conditions.

In 2008-9 I trained at Integral Coaching Canada, a professional Integral Coaching® training company located in Ottawa, Canada. ICC’s proprietary Integral Coaching® method and extraordinary coach training programs are unequaled in the world.

I am a Member of the International Coach Federation the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification and building a worldwide network of trained coaching professionals.


In 2020 due to Covid, we created on Zoom to provide ongoing vital support to maintain your practice in live sessions 3 times a week, and on our Facebook support group of the same name. 

YOU HAVE THE POWER INSIDE YOU! I will help you discover your power, the way I discovered mine. Make better decisions to live an extraordinary life because you matter. Let's begin your new journey towards peace together.

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