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You eat WHAT?

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

I eat 9 cups of vegetables every single day. No more sugar, gluten, grain and dairy either.

It all started July 14 2014, the day I began to take my life back.

It was the best decision I ever made and one of the hardest.

The best decision because within weeks on The Wahls Protocol many MS symptoms like extreme fatigue, vertigo, weakness and pain disappeared. Months later my GP took me off my blood pressure meds. It baffled my neurologist, GP, friends, family, everyone!

The hardest decision because like most people, I didn't want to stop eating my favourite foods. We were enjoying a wonderful healthy Mediterranean diet, how could that cause harm?

In 2012 when we first saw Dr. Terry Wahls’ TED Talk I flat out refused to do it. Daily life was getting harder, the last thing I wanted was to give up one of my few remaining pleasures.

But by 2014 my quality of life was plummeting. I was losing hope. It was time to make the decision to commit to this new lifestyle.

Even though it seemed like the right decision there was a process I had to go through to be absolutely clear. It went like this: I had three choices—

1. Keep doing the same thing and hope for a miracle.

2. Reconsider conventional drugs which I did not want.

3. Try this labour intensive radical diet.

It took effort, commitment and motivation to change my relationship with food. Instead of food for pleasure, my mantra became FOOD IS MEDICINE. The funny thing is we enjoy food even more now. To support me and for his own curiosity Stephen decided to follow the same diet. That was a very big deal! We’re in it together.

Everything has changed. Our priorities, our attitude, our shopping habits even our taste buds. You'd be surprised how quickly cravings for sugar and carbs fade. It’s still a learning curve, but it's not scary anymore.

I've learned to trust my gut☺

If you’d like more info you can contact me at, or 450.853.0616

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