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What the heck is a Life Coach anyway?

I get a 'wow that's great!' followed by a blank stare after I tell someone I’m a life coach. Maybe they are embarrassed. Everyone knows what a fitness or soccer coach is but a life coach? I don't blame them. It isn't clear.

Life Coaching is a fast-growing field but unlike with doctors, psychologists or psychiatrists, there is no academic qualification required to be a life coach, and no governing body to regulate the industry. Virtually anyone can call themselves a life coach today.

Certification lets others know we have specific training and are serious about the career. I'm proud to be a certified International Coach Federation coach. ICF is globally recognized as the gold standard in coaching.

Generally speaking, the goal of life coaching is to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills for positive behavior change. Coaches help people overcome mental habits that keep them stuck and embark on an optimistic journey of personal growth.

We often choose a particular niche based on personal experiences, expertise or passion. There are weight loss coaches, nutritional coaches, business coaches, executive leadership coaching, spiritual coaching, financial coaching I know a tarot card reader that calls herself a life coach.

So, why did I choose to be a relationship coach? Because I was devastated by two failed marriages and spent years trying to process what happened.

How was I so blind? Why didn't I listen to all the red flags?

With support from a trusted therapist (no coaches back then) I began to uncover why I settled with men who were so wrong for me. My self worth was practically nil. Both times I felt I was making a logical decision. Wasn't that the right thing to do?

But I ignored my need to be recognized and loved for who I was, not how I made them feel. Light bulb! The more I looked the more I saw this was a pattern that began long before I had any deep personal relationship.

During this time of processing, I learned the value of mindfulness. It helped me uncover, accept and learn from my mistakes. Mindfulness is integrated into my practice as an essential tool for personal growth. I now have more than 20 years of practical training.

Over the early years of coaching I saw the same patterns emerge as I wrote about my life and what I learned from different challenges such as a stillbirth at 20 weeks pregnant, MS diagnosis, divorce and more. Inspired by my transparency and upbeat attitude they began to ask questions and feel hope…empowered.

This is why I do this life coaching. For so long I felt trapped. Awareness that I could safely explore the sides of me that I had pushed down, was like breathing fresh air for the first time. I want every woman or man who feels trapped or stuck in unhealthy relationships (including with themselves) to experience the freedom of healthy communication, respect, appreciation and most of all to accept that they are worthy of happiness.

If you have any questions about what I do or if would like to have a complimentary hour long conversation please feel free to contact me.

With love,



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