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The good thing about procrastination

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

You must think there's something good about procrastination, otherwise you'd just get on with the deed—right? It's all about short-term gain. But while you delay the inevitable you're probably holding on to guilt or worry about what you ‘should’ do. I really like Nike's slogan 'Just Do It', but when it comes to daily exercise, I can find a hundred reasons to not just do it.

I think the problem is a lack of motivation. Logic isn't enough. Most smokers know they should quit and want to; scary photos still don't work. Movement is medicine for my MS, but after years of workouts at the gym I didn't feel better, even with a personal trainer. I just felt more fatigue and guilt.

Then everything changed. Last year I discovered a medical fitness practitioner who created an online gym for people with MS. Trevor Wicken is passionate, funny and highly skilled. I've never known anyone with so much empathy. I don't know how he does it but whenever I need help, he responds within 24hrs. He's got over 12 thousand members and growing.

Since joining his MS gym in January I've been working out six days a week. It's uncanny! No one can believe it.

Rather than telling us what to do, Trevor educates us about what's going on in our bodies. He shows us how to get stronger and rewire our brains. He's a coach, a motivational speaker and loving guide. No one besides Terry Wahls in my 26 years of living with MS has ever made me feel like this: I can take my power back from this disease.

It’s working! I'm doing dead lifts, planks, push-ups and all kinds of exercises. I've got more energy to coach full time.

I'm even learning how to walk unaided again. No neurologist dares to say this is possible, but every day people are posting videos of getting out of their wheelchairs or tossing their canes using his unique approach. Rewiring the brain is hard. It takes years, but I'm pumped! I may never run a marathon but one thing is certain, I’m getting stronger, not weaker.

When my clients experience growth in areas they never thought possible, they're re-wiring their brain as they change ingrained habits. AND they get super motivated and empowered.

We are all taking control of our lives.

No more procrastination. Life's too short!

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