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The Beauty of Uncertainty

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Most Friday evenings while preparing for supper Stephen pours our wine and we reflect on our long busy week.

I always ask him about his Friday mindfulness group at the Cancer Wellness Center. You’d think it would be a depressing and sad conversation. Not at all!

He relaxes and reflects on his time there just hours ago. Then with a smile and sometimes a tear he describes the love and warmth among these courageous inspiring warriors.

‘There’s no bullshit’ he says. These people truly live in the moment. They have the choice to be pulled down by their cancer, or to accept it and push forward. They have no time or energy for pretense.

Sometimes the group loses a friend. Other times a newcomer joins the group and is awed by the warmth and kindness of the other members as they make them feel comfortable and safe.

Life is fragile and precious —a gift. No one in that room takes it for granted. He always says that he gets much more than he gives.

People often ask me how I deal with the stress of carrying other people's pain.

I don't see it as stressful. I get to witness people as they gain insight into their own minds. They come ready to create their own happiness, to understand what makes them tick and to overcome the obstacles holding them back. The change begins at our very first meeting. It’s awesome!

Stephen and I are not surrounded by stress and sadness, we are surrounded by love.

We see the power of the human will every day, building confidence, self love, respect and trust. We watch them learn to grow from every experience with equanimity and love. We don’t just believe in mindfulness, we see its key role in this process.

I am so grateful to have the best mindfulness mentor in the business. Thank you Stephen!

With love,


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