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Need a Boost?

You know that life is short and precious. So ask yourself this: ’am I where I want to be right now?’ if your answer sounds like ’ I’m pretty happy, can’t have everything!’ or ‘things will work out fine when ( fill in blank) happens’.

We are lucky to live in a free democratic society. It isn’t perfect but there’s so much be grateful for. But challenges exist, problems, worries, fears... It’s part of life. I was divorced and raising my three young children at 32 when diagnosed with MS. I was scared and angry, it wasn't fair! You never know what could happen.

Life is a struggle and we’re wired to survive and fight, but how many of our struggles are unconsciously self-imposed? I mean, what do you know about habits you developed over your lifetime that may be blocking happiness or fulfillment in an area of your life? Of course if you knew, you would probably try to change it. The reality is we often don’t know why we do the things we do or understand what motivates us to make certain decisions, and how we cope with stress.

When you look deep inside and ask those uncomfortable questions, you discover a different side of you. You begin to understand why you don't have that job that you really wanted, or the intimacy you desire or a deeper bond you dream of having with your spouse or your children or your sibling.

These are pretty significant life issues that are very hard to discuss with someone and almost impossible to work out on your own.

On May 12 we will discuss stuff like this in a fun and relaxed way. You’ll become more familiar with an empowering process of self-discovery, insight, confidence-boosting, self love and respect.

More than anything my goal is to help you remind yourself to be friends with yourself. Women in particular have a hard time putting their needs first and honour who they are. If this sounds intriguing to you and you want to learn more, join me next Saturday.

Warm wishes,


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