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Most evenings we watch an hour or so of TV. It’s such a refreshing change from the intensity of our work days. The problem is, since Covid halted production of our favourites we've been struggling to find stuff we like.

After watching a documentary on Betty White we wondered if we should try her old sitcom— The Golden Girls. But 40 years later, how funny could it be?

What a surprise. It’s hilarious! Unlike many old shows, The Golden Girls themes are still relevant today. Each episode focuses on personal and societal issues that challenge their peaceful life, their expectations of how things should be, including their friendship. Whether they address romance, sexual misconduct, homophobia, death … they guide you through serious topics laughing. Like taking a 'spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down'.

What I found most striking is the unconditional love these four women have for each other. Despite differences in personality, socioeconomic status, intellect, lifestyle choices, they never judge each other, no matter what. That doesn’t mean they don’t get angry or insulting. They lose their temper all the time but with humour and empathy. They never lose sight of what matters most —their love for each other. That's why the insults don't bother them. Instead they respond with curiosity as they consider the underlying message.

I love the way they comfortably express their commitment to each other and how it enables a sense of security and forgiveness when things get out of hand.

Is it realistic? I think so, but it's rare. That's no reason to discount the message. We know that relationships can be hard and complicated. Good communication and letting-go of our need to defend ourselves takes work and practice.

This show features brilliant comedians, but more importantly it portrays qualities and values we still strive for today like respect, empathy, acceptance and self compassion.

I'm reflecting a bit more on all my friendships, the ones that faded and the ones that endure.

What do you cherish most about your friendships? Can you comfortably express anything without fear of hurting, or of being hurt or judged? It's not easy, but isn't this what love is all about?

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