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Free Your Voice

You know that amazing feeling when you finally get something off your chest? You probably want to kick yourself because the conflict you were trying to avoid turns out to be worth the positive changes that came next.

My ever-so gentle husband Stephen was a serious control freak in the kitchen. He stressed me out.

But when I finally took a mindful look inward I realized that he wasn't the problem. He was doing his thing. I should have been thrilled. I didn't like cooking any more with my MS and since my kids were all on their own.

The problem was my guilt for not playing the traditional role I expected of myself.

When we talked about it, he toned down his schtick and I began the process of letting go of the guilt. Of course there are many layers to this ingrained trigger of guilt but as they become clear it's much more manageable.

When women find their voice they grow in all directions. It's beautiful. We sense there's more to us and for us but often don't realize what's holding us back.

Isn't it time to sing out and let your voice be heard?

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