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Am I enough?

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

I love the idea of having a blog. I get to share stories that make you smile and I can offer new perspectives that makes you pause and reflect. Very cool!

But it's been months since my last blog. I'm frustrated about that. I could say I’ve been too busy or sick or distracted with personal issues and while that’s all true, it isn't why I haven't posted.

Self doubt! It drives me nuts. Being focused in the present helps. But hey, if I talk the talk but don’t ‘walk the walk’ what’s the point? I wouldn’t be much of a coach.

A few paragraphs into any blog my inner judge says, ‘Don't post it, they’ll see you're not that smart, you’ll scare people away!'

Do you say unkind things to yourself? My husband gets upset when I put myself down.

I talk to my clients about ‘buttons’ ‘triggers’ and ‘stories.’ We all have them, but responses like anger, doubt, anxiety are very personal. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

What triggers my self doubt? Feeling pressure or overwhelm, but that’s just on the surface. The root of my doubt comes from habits that started a long time ago.

One small example: growing up I was painfully shy. In kindergarten I had to wear a patch over one eye and goofy glasses. I felt ugly and awkward. I assumed everyone thought so too. It was the start of a lifetime of being overly self-conscious.

I'm way more confident today but the button is still there and is triggered when I write or speak in public. I don't give in to it though. Now I look at the discomfort differently. I face the fear, take a breath and go for it. And I remind myself I LOVE facilitating the workshops, it's always an enjoyable and empowering experience for me and the participants.

In my upcoming workshop you get a unique opportunity to look at yourself in a new way and see that you can free yourself from draining habits.

Saturday December 8 at 1 pm in Pointe Claire. Limited space, register at or call 450-853-0616

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