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Back by popular demand now in Pointe Claire
A Self-Compassion Workshop
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Saturday April 18 2020 1-3pm
Church of St John the Baptist 233 Sainte-Claire Ave, Pointe-Claire, Quebec H9S 4E3

You’re tired of saying yes to others and putting yourself last.

You agree with 'putting the oxygen mask on yourself before helping your child on a plane,’ but something’s holding you back from taking care of your own basic needs.

Research published in the journal Health Psychology found that building yourself up instead of wearing yourself down can lead to better health decisions like making your sleep, nutrition and well-being a priority. 

Easier said than done right?

When I finally changed my priorities from last to first and created  better boundaries I realized that I was happier and more productive. I had more respect from others, not less. Studies show that people who put themselves first also have 

 - more energy

 - better relationships

 - less fear

 - less stress

 - less resentment

 - less depressed moments


In this fun and engaging workshop we'll explore why we do this to ourselves and what we can do differently that feels right without guilt and fear of conflict.


 You will learn:

  1. How to help others without sacrificing your own happiness

  2. How to let go of negative inner voice that undermines you 

  3. How to say no without the guilt 


Join me for another powerful eye opening discussion that will widen your self perception and open you up to new ways of being that benefit you and those you care about.

This powerful 2 hour workshop gives you practical tools that can transform your life. Cost is $20 Space is limited.

 Thanks for signing up. See you soon!

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