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There are times when we all get stuck in a situation, relationship, or problem that we just can’t seem to solve on our own. Many of us decide to wait, hoping things will eventually work out.

Some people think that coping is a matter of hard work and if they persevere they’ll be OK. Or they decide that things are beyond their control, and give up.

But when you’re alone—especially in the middle of the night with nothing to distract you from your distress—then what?

If you knew of a way to find solutions and become empowered in the process, wouldn’t you try?

When I was in my 40’s I was angry a lot and worried about everything. It didn't make sense since I was in a loving relationship, my children were doing well, work was meaningful—I should have been thrilled. Yes MS played a role but I knew it was something else.

That realization that things were not OK led me to a life coach who helped me understand what was going on inside me. She helped me see the emotional baggage that I was holding on to and how it was getting in the way of my happiness.​

Gradually I learned how to recognize those stubborn self-limiting beliefs that kept me stuck. I learned to tame the judgmental inner voice that had kept me down for so long, insisting I wasn’t good enough or smart enough to succeed.

With this deeper insight a passionate new version of me came to life. Next thing I knew I was studying to become a life coach myself —it felt so right.

Life coaching is an incredible process that transforms your perspective and changes your habits. You can change your whole life with your coaching partner at your side, supporting and pushing you higher the whole time.

I'm here for you if you

– want more out of life
– are ready for change
– are acutely aware that life is short and precious
– know that it’s up to you to make it a success

Our conversations are confidential. I’m honest, direct, sensitive and non-judgmental.

Contact me to schedule a FREE consultation to see if we make a good fit and if life coaching is what you are looking for.

How We Work

I’ve been coaching clients in beautiful Hudson Quebec, the Montreal area or anywhere around the world by phone or Skype since 2009.


We work together as partners. We decide on a coaching package that works best for you.


At our first session we identify a clear goal you want to achieve. Sometimes it takes a little exploring but we always find it.

Throughout the entire process, we discuss all the relevant information and issues, create and implement strategies, weigh different options and possible solutions and gradually ease into the next steps.

We meet in person, by phone or Skype every two weeks for an hour-long coaching session. In between, you spend an average of 10-15 minutes a day on practices or observation exercises.

This structure enables you to maintain focus on what you really want; at the same time you’ll be doing something about it. I’ll hold you accountable, encouraging you and gently pushing you forward so that you’ll follow through and do what’s necessary to succeed. With this kind of support nothing can stop you from reaching your goal.


Schedule a session

Feel free to call or email me anytime to book a 'discovery' call.  We'll just chat and explore what's on your mind. You will feel so much better!

Hudson, QC, Canada


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